Pompous or miracle 10 billion thoughts of Huang Taiji

Pompous or miracle 10 billion thoughts of Huang Taiji

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6 months to reach sales of 100 million, annual sales to achieve the value of 10 billion… Selling fruit pancake. Huang Taiji’s voice shouted the more big, various marketing topics are more and more, we must ask: the desire to use the Internet to change the thinking of traditional industries Huang Taiji, by selling fruit pancake can really get annual sales of 10 billion


before answering, we first look at the traditional catering industry annual sales of 10 billion is what kind of business.

10 billion catering business is what kind of


public data show that in 2012 China catering hundred companies, ranked fourth in the Synergis holdings in 2012 amounted to 4 billion, third in Inner Mongolia and second of Tianjin’s top small Qiao (Dicos, Kangshifu) are less than 10 billion, only the first Parkson Chinese (KFC, Pizza Hut and little sheep etc.) thriving, more than 2012 50 billion turnover. In other words, if the sale of pancake fruit Huang Taiji sales to 10 billion, it will jump to the top 100 Chinese food and beverage enterprises in the top second.

top 100 catering enterprises based on fast food, restaurants, restaurants, etc., the characteristics of these enterprises is that there are history, there are signs, the city covers a wide range of facade, direct chain based. Daoxiang holding group shop less, at around 120, but its flagship restaurant itself large area.

with Huang Taiji He Chang said next has been eliminated by the market of Kentucky, its parent China officially entered the Chinese from Parkson began in 1993, until 2004 exceeded 10 billion mark, reaching 11 billion 800 million, with a full 10 years, work environment which China economic and national conditions can not be. This and the next ten years, Parkson China gradually become familiar with the negative, also increased, profits fell a lot, but the pace of mergers and acquisitions, investment expansion appearance does not stop, 2012 turnover reached 52 billion 200 million.

more than 6 thousand stores, nearly 440 thousand of employees, to create an annual revenue of $about 50000000000, which is the appearance of traditional food giant.

of course, if the target sales of 100 million yuan, which may be from Huang Taiji is close, but I’m sorry, do not step into the threshold of the top 100. 2012 top 100 catering enterprises, ranking 100th Changzhou Lihua Fast food enterprises rely on the lunch delivery, annual sales of more than 300 million yuan, the country has more than and 100 chain stores.

perhaps in the eyes of the founder of Huang Taiji Chang Yi, with the Internet to change the traditional thinking of the enterprise, the cost of food and beverage companies to subvert the structure, these sales are not a problem. Is not the problem, we look at the current situation of selling pancakes Huang Taiji.

status: marketing over the neglect of product experience?

Huang Taiji was founded in 2012, specializes in Internet marketing Hao Chang qingjushulu. Mercedes Benz send pancakes takeaway, alien talk >

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