Talk about the importance of network name in network marketing

Talk about the importance of network name in network marketing

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estimates that a lot of people see the title of this article, they would like to do not understand, what is the relationship between the screen and promotion?.

we should all understand, for the promotion, the resources are very important, which is the most important source of human resources. How to get a lot of network resources fast? How to make customers take the initiative to cooperate with you, and green that the establishment of a personal reputation, or to establish a personal brand is king. If a person’s brand is very loud, even if others do not know you, but also willing to deal with you. How to build a personal brand name? Is the first step, it is like a company or website, a big name is the key. If your name is catchy, easy to remember, that your personal reputation will soon raise. Here, we should understand the relationship between the net and the promotion of Cosway! It here and we talk about it.

a, a variety of network name analysis.

1, meaningless numbers, letters.

such a screen is the most undesirable, even familiar people, can accurately remember the name of the people are not much, not to mention unfamiliar people or even strangers. Such a name, it is challenging everyone’s memory and intelligence, not to mention what personal brand.

2, English name

the only thing that makes a person feel English is that it makes you feel better. But to make you remember, a little difficult, because, after all, the popularity of English in China is not so high, personal feeling is better to do with their own mother’s screen name.

3, web site, web site name

has a lot of friends like to use the web site directly or as the name of the web site, do so, on the surface seems to be very helpful to promote, in fact, otherwise. First of all, QQ friends cap only 500 people, this order of magnitude for a website, basically no effect. Secondly, who dares to say that their web site will never stand, or web site and the name will never change. Once there is a change, then the establishment of the well-known, immediately return to zero.

4, with special symbols of the Chinese name

with the rise of 90, a lot of friends like to add some special symbols in the screen name. Although this name looks very bright, but it will give people a kind of immature feeling. If the customer wants to call you consult Cosway, don’t know how to address you, may soon find the owners to next to consult.

5, meaningless Chinese name

and the first article of the same reason, meaningless combination of words, it is difficult to remember. Although Chinese is better than letters, it is not difficult.

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