Tips for online store promotion

Tips for online store promotion

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shop is an important commercial channel, from a marketing perspective a sales terminal, and it is also an important landscape composed of market, to a certain extent reflects the degree of economic development of a region and cultural landscape. Some small shops, restaurants, beauty shops, repair shops and other stores in the town is spread everywhere, because of its smaller stores, the number, it is generally not easy to arouse people’s attention. Especially in the streets of row upon row of business content, for the same or similar shops, if the popularity is not high, or not make consumers feel special, so now the pace of life accelerated generally, more and more pay attention to the efficiency of the era, consumers generally not home to visit, the corresponding decrease in the product sales the opportunity; and in recent years have emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain luxury decoration, complete function, convenient transportation and thoughtful service, large shopping mall, department stores and supermarkets in small shops, is obviously a huge impact; plus in recent years around the laid-off workers increased, agricultural surplus labor flowing into the city, resulting in similar the small shop more difficult business phenomenon. But if done right, often also can Business Flourishes, bonanza. Therefore, how to attract the attention of the public, get more patronage, increase popularity, for a clear, narrow business scope of small shops, is a question worth exploring. In this paper, the author mainly discusses the issue of publicity and promotion.

small shops in the promotion of the existing problems are:

1, advertising investment generally less. Even some boutique specialty stores, too.

2, publicity and utilization of a single channel. The use of local newspapers, but also focus on the evening news, and occasionally the use of radio, there are a few shops in front of their own shop to do a few light box advertising.

3, low publicity. Some shops only in the opening of the time, pay attention to do some decoration, promotion or leaflets, and other things, while other time is mainly engaged in business.

4, the industry is narrow publicity. Mainly in some hotels and some stores.

does not have a loud publicity brand. Some shops do not have a name, just hang a sign, saying "smoke wine encyclopedia" "dumplings Museum" or "barber shave"; some even have names, but often similar, such as "Sichuan Hot pot shop" and "old Sichuan Hot pot shop etc.. Some shops due to commercial integration, so the color of life is strong, everywhere can see some pots and pans, some busy every sewing mending, some of the clothes hanging around, these emotions can not be said to the customer shopping has no effect; the above problem reflects a significant portion of the main brand awareness is not strong, have realized the good publicity and promotion the importance of the management of the store. According to the characteristics of the current problems, we can use the following improvements:

1, enhance brand awareness, the concept of brand promotion to promote the importance of brand awareness is not only for large enterprises, small shops are equally important, can also produce a good benefit pull.

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