Application of key words in marketing website

Application of key words in marketing website

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wrote in the previous articles to talk about the "cattle network marketing website keyword selection strategy", in the article to introduce the marketing website should be how to choose keywords, how to choose the right keywords can achieve high returns with low investment, the choice of keywords can be related to the enterprise network marketing success and profits only choose the right keywords to make your network marketing detours. Today a network of cattle for everyone and then talk about application of keywords in the marketing website.

keyword importance

search engine is the most important channel for Internet users to obtain information, marketing enterprise website must solve the problem of enterprise website search engine. Search engine optimization in the final analysis is the optimization of the key words, choose the right keywords is the most important step in the site planning and website optimization, but also the problem that most people tend to ignore. People often think of careless few words, use them in a web page, that can get good rankings. Little do you know this is usually not bring the desired effect. In the website optimization, should spend some time to research and think about what is the target keyword you need to use the correct and effective keywords, will make search engine optimization work will be twice the result with half the effort.

get the target keyword

network marketing is a highly practical discipline, on the acquisition of target keywords are no exception. In addition to imagination and experience, here are several common methods.

1, browse peers or competitors website to see the key words set.

2, access to customers, partners and suppliers. When communicating with your partner, don’t be afraid to ask more questions.

3, the history access keyword data collected by the traffic statistics tool.

4, by paying keyword advertising (Baidu, Google, etc.) to promote the collection of historical access keywords and click data.

create keyword list

is an enterprise marketing website, if your keyword key font number too little, you said that on the application level is still the primary key. Take an example of a consumer product organization, no matter what kind of products can be found at least 3 key words. Key words coupled with the application industry, user objects, sales behavior, such as the formation of new keywords, keywords list to expand rapidly.

Application of

keyword in website

SEO strategy must be combined with the company’s strategy, combined with the product line and the operating line linkage to achieve the purpose of improving the effectiveness of marketing. No matter how the site construction, all the creative, positioning, information, and ultimately will become the corresponding columns and channels, so the application of key words in the final analysis is the combination of columns, channels.

keyword list for each column, the channel to develop a set of key words

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