Do startups need a professional business operation team

Do startups need a professional business operation team

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editor’s note: in the face of many departments of the company, entrepreneurs on the decentralization or centralization debate. Liz Cain according to their own experience, that the company should be centralized operation. He believes that simple management will bring more benefits to the company.


"how about our sales last month?"

it’s a simple question, isn’t it, but usually the answer is simple?. Perhaps the sales staff will first answer and share the number of bookings (or monthly regular income, annual revenue, total customer value). Then, the finance department will focus on the details of the bill or collection information, and it is possible to adjust the number of reservations. Finally, the marketing department shows that the total amount of revenue they affect… Well, thank you for doing this.

is so hard to accept that so many different answers to such straightforward questions. So the question is, why each team in the company to extract indicators, analysis of data, so as to draw their own conclusions?

this non team behavior is wasting valuable business resources.

expansion period is the key point of the development of the company, when they found the product to meet market demand, and the need to start expanding business. At this stage, the company is developing more and more, the founding team no longer need to participate in each conversation or decision. The head of the Department began to move forward with his decision.

expansion stage is also a critical period for the Department of leadership began to fight for business resources. Each team wants its own master of data, a person who can understand their unique business needs and work closely with the team’s initial focus and goals. But if everyone is making a decision to consider a wider range of business (as they should), each individual team does not need its own data analyst.

in fact, this desire for a particular resource is usually a good sign that your organizational structure is a problem. Your company has a lack of resources and goals, motivations, and resources that do not meet the company’s overall goals. The crux of the problem is that every leader wants his or her team to look good.

professional business operations team can break these islands. I prefer a smart people working together, help each other to solve key problems, rather than 35 or ten from the team, Communication Co., different people working together.

1 a source of truth

when you have a unified business operations team, "how about our sales last month?" or "how many sales have been sold so far this season?". Because the team is an integral part of answering these questions. No one for interpreting the data or to represent a special department at this time. Instead, be ready to answer this

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