Venture companies do precision advertising is the most vulnerable to the 4 mistakes

Venture companies do precision advertising is the most vulnerable to the 4 mistakes

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marketing, whether it is SocialMedia or internet marketing, the goal is very simple, is to find the correct users, allowing users to enjoy our products, we are willing to stay and use repeatedly. What we need to do is to use a good marketing tool to achieve the best results.

in September 13th, launched "entrepreneurial marketing class first class" Jamie, invited to AnG precision marketing operations director Hou Chen "do poineering company" precision "advertisement is most likely to make 4 mistakes" keynote speech, the following speech:

All of

‘s marketing, whether it is SocialMedia or do some effect on the Internet marketing, the goal is very simple, it is to find the right people, let users enjoy our products, and repeatedly left.

in this goal is simple, we need to solve the problem at hand inside these marketing tools, how to effectively arrange and choose in resources effectively under the condition of the resource focus on which of the media, to produce the best effect.

marketing tool is nothing more than two: a data, you can quickly evaluate the effect of the data. For example, search advertising program of purchase, including Tencent wide point advertising, can belong to this class. Then there is the so-called art. Including the spread of brand content, offline traditional advertising, PR and Social Media. I’m going to talk about today, start-up companies in the digital advertising on this part of the most vulnerable to make 4 mistakes.

4A’s anxiety: 1 billion yuan cast silent

I came out of the traditional 4A company, so I would like to talk about the traditional 4A’s advertising model.

electricity supplier hottest stage, 4A has a lot of international brands in China’s WEB promotion. At that time, the service fee to occupy the advertising costs of 15%-17.56%, which is a considerable proportion, but also because it is necessary to form a monopoly mechanism of charges, 4A company this organization was born. Along with the way of service fees later decline, now down to 5%, even as Haier 3% are willing to pay, is extremely dispersed in such a user’s attention, not fun to play not to turn the environment, it is difficult to reflect the value of 4A company. So, now 4A’s bosses are very anxious.

told you a data, this year the launch of Samsung S6 when the mobile phone, it now spent 1 billion yuan on Chinese market, but it is in the Samsung inside left a number of achievements, a conference may not hammer mobile phone more, this is the problem, the 4A problem.

founder is also the company’s marketing resources

today a lot of start-up companies, so I mainly talk about how to do marketing companies. Starting, financing, listing… Different stages, you have to clear your goals

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