Operation in March to share the hearts of the core of WeChat marketing

Operation in March to share the hearts of the core of WeChat marketing

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WeChat marketing is a powerful force, WeChat is the existence of communication tools, people can not be separated as part of life, behind the profit margins are numerous. People engaged in WeChat now is more and more, enough to witness the currently WeChat marketing industry fiery atmosphere, but also because of the charm to attract a large number of people from all walks of life into the WeChat marketing industry, and then tasted a lot of sweetness. Marketers across so powerful information barriers are constantly looking for the core of WeChat marketing industry, through the mass of information to find a spider silk Ma Ji Jin, the review and summary to everybody, hope to be able to cause the little resonance in WeChat marketing.

first, find the market value of WeChat marketing. WeChat marketing seems simple, many people are still in the people said he also, or just follow what others do, here the purpose is to find a market value. The value of the user is the micro business survival. Without this, the direction of the wind, there will be a crisis situation Xiamang, entered into a business door phenomenon, there is no doubt that this development is derivative of the "dead". Micro business marketing is the purpose of trying to find a way out of the dead end, we must find their own marketing value, so as to adapt and combine market value. Often say there is no market price, micro business is engaged in must be to find the discovery and excavation of the "city", the market potential is definitely some, not afraid of the wrong way, not afraid of detours, afraid of failure do not know why, micro business do not clear, is the most sad. Get clear on the WeChat marketing in the market value of the irresistible force, all around this goal and carry out correction.

second, good at seizing the opportunity to appear on the market. People admire the world’s first person to eat crab, admire his courage and courage, but also opened a number of things that are not known, and thus became a gourmet crab. Micro business according to the market changes, opportunities are often transient, at the moment when the myriads of changes through their own, eye to find market opportunities, and seize it really is not a simple matter, needs the wisdom, vision and opportunities. WeChat marketers is to be good at doing the first person to eat crab, only to find the opportunity, even if the failure, but also dare to challenge, in order to have the initiative, the ability to manage the next step. The face of market sensitivity, which is the need to nurture the day after tomorrow, each of the different understanding of the answer is not the same, and found to be done in practice is completely different. WeChat marketers want to be able to seize the opportunity to appear on the market, this is not a slogan, but a comprehensive ability to respond.

third, dare to change some of the marketing concept. WeChat marketing threshold is well known, but it does not mean that it is the responsibility of light, WeChat marketing also bear some responsibility, really do a very difficult. WeChat in the process of a one-time sale is not suitable for the future development trend of information technology, in addition to the two consumer aside, the cost will rise in a micro business, smart marketers carefully calculate.

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