When all promotion methods into word of mouth marketing

When all promotion methods into word of mouth marketing

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      a few days ago a friend said to me, he is going to do classification information website, I asked whether the future will have a job in the future? Classified information website for nearly two years I have a time to answer, because I think this is a complicated problem.

      05 years I have been fortunate enough to enter a domestic large classified information companies, nearly two years of work experience I have witnessed Kijiji, 58 city, go to the market, search souke, 263, Sina, QQ poster poster growth process and other classified information network. Also see the rapid growth of classified information 06 years of fierce competition and


      said first objective problem facing the information classification:
      low threshold, intense competition, regional, strong effectiveness, subject dispersion, high promotion costs, profit model is not clear or not the innovation of profit pattern and so on…
      the most important thing is to do a lot of classified information is not very clear.06 characteristics of classified information at the beginning of the year, when I asked about the main department colleagues actually, we also have no classification information! I was very confused, I think everyone in the estimation by feeling things to do this! No goal or reason of doing things is not correct, even if it is a small I want to have to consider before you finish In order to do it, so that the diagnosis classification of information present situation, find out the problems and characteristics for the adjustment and targeted planning is the most important. Such as: " diagnosis; " spam; is the priority among priorities, I will try to seek solutions, development the related website function. " diagnosis; human " then we have to develop more humanized functions and so on… I believe. Take the time to research, will be one hundred times more than the utopian strong, because no one in the classification of information Chinese success stories, who can give us the right direction. < br />                   
      when all the promotion methods into word-of-mouth marketing, this is perhaps the way of classified information:

      in fact, " " " "

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