Let Ma Yunlai tell you what skills you need to start a business

Let Ma Yunlai tell you what skills you need to start a business

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Abstract: Ma Yun’s idea is different from other Internet entrepreneurs – he does not do the business of 15% companies, only to do business in the small and medium-sized enterprises in the 85%. Because he knows that big companies have specialized information and huge advertising costs, but there is no small and medium enterprises, they are the people who need the internet.

Jin Yong’s martial arts novel "eight guardians" in practice, Six Meridian Swords Duan Yu saying quite domineering lines: ordinary fighting is not for me, I shot a

to life!

in today’s business world, there is such a person can match the identity of Duan Yu, ma. Typing is "one finger" playing computer is to send and receive mail, the ability to look "suck", and "secretly" he has acquired a superb business skills:

to create a super cohesive team

Ma Yunceng commented that the entire political system of the United States is based on the Christian based religious beliefs, and religion has penetrated into the construction of enterprises. But in China, we are often due to lack of faith, a little, a little western, and did not form their own things. Today, learning the United States, tomorrow to learn Japanese, learning is art, not the road.

fortunately, we have been chasing the culture, and culture is the idea behind the corporate team and ideas. Therefore, only rooted in the corporate culture in line with the current cultural environment, in order to make the team long-term stability.

Ma’s original team, are headed together with the common cultural concept. For example, the top Cai Chongxin, then quit his $700 thousand salary for the job, to Ma’s team every month brought 500 yuan, this is the charm of enterprise culture.

also said that some people, to recruit Cai Chongxin rely on Ma Yun’s personal charm, and as the soul of the entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial company CEO charm is the specific manifestation of corporate culture.

In addition to

, 18 Ma team first, Ma and Zhang Ying are husband and wife, Sun Tongyu and Peng Lei are husband and wife, Kim and Yuanying division Yufeng is husband and wife, Jin Yuanying, Zhou Yuehong, Zhang Ying and Ma is the relationship between students and alumni. These relationships are strong interpersonal ties in China under the environment of the moment, is the edge of a CEO startup culture can not be ignored.

5 years ago

Ma Yun venture, there has never been a staff initiative to leave, other companies 3 times the wages, employees are not tempted.

is in this group of people to work together to create the next Ali empire".

so, analogy Ma, as start-up companies CEO, when you are determined to do one thing, if you find a common concept of corporate culture, like-minded people together, it is no exaggeration to say that you have half the success.

two set goals, do not limit employee thinking

Ma Yun: you can’t make a person’s mind, but it can be a goal. >

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