SNS promotion a Sunday P588 PV3638 follow up articles two

SNS promotion a Sunday P588 PV3638 follow up articles two

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front shared SNS promotion a Sunday IP588 PV3638

and SNS to promote a Sunday IP588 PV3638 follow-up articles

through this trick has a traffic


to the people, we have to think of ways to retain people! But we have no money no resources can not carry out large station activities do! We had to borrow! The same ideas, find the same station, see the station have to carry out activities, activities to help them past contact free publicity I believe no station will refuse your help! I found at the end of the community network is carried out with the camera to show my national day, Yuan Tengfei – winning "autograph book"

to integrate it directly, while requesting the end of the network to give me some prizes sponsorship, through these prizes and other QQ group can cooperate. And other cooperation programme of the QQ group, please help me to paste the main 7 days of the announcement in the announcement (I used the camera to show the national day, Yuan Tengfei spoke to win "autograph book"

address: Uid=1& do=thread& id=120) cooperation return is 7 days will send you a copy of Yuan Tengfei’s "autograph book"

there are also several prizes, if you have more active 200 or more QQ group, please contact QQ:812526825, first come first served, limited number. This is the chickens to lay eggs, I believe you have learned to remember a word: making no effort! Now!

PS: and the end of the network cooperation program


: use the camera to capture the wonderful talk, Yuan Tengfei, to win the "out of print book signature.

from 1949 to 2009, the new Chinese has been established for 60 years, on this anniversary, please speak with your camera, capture moments, and we share. Narrator: National Day during what interesting things happening around you? Which left good memories? What to eat delicious things? Or do you travel? Bought a beautiful sofa? A behavior art? Open ideas, everything is possible.

[works required]:

photo + text, photo size is not more than 2M, the word number is not limited

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