How to do a good job in the area of Baidu PPC

How to do a good job in the area of Baidu PPC

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business users want to do free promotion, but there is no such a good thing? For Internet promotion, many people are keen on SEO, but SEO one hundred percent is not absolutely free, you SEO for spending time, energy, money making opportunity, or even delay the human, sometimes even more than money to PPC will allow you to spend more.

of course, the price is not one hundred percent ranking is absolutely effective, unless you use properly:

in the bidding keywords set, try to be comprehensive and targeted. For example, the following two key words "Suzhou Chinese Association, Suzhou Suzhou hosting, domain name registration, Suzhou enterprises", "Suzhou Chinese Internet business of Suzhou hosting, domain name registration and the establishment of business enterprise". We believe that the first effect is good. For example, you search "Suzhou enterprise site", the first keyword can be searched, and the second key words will not be searched. As a competitive ranking of consumers, if you do not want to spend the money, it is necessary to spend some thoughts on bidding keywords.

on the positioning of the target price, to locate in the first page of the search page, do not locate on the second page. According to the results of the survey, 60% – 70% of Internet users access to the first page of the search results, only 20% – 25% of Internet users access to page second, 3% – 4% of Internet users access to all the results.

on the meta description, we must seize the key words do not put. We look at the following two Description: < meta; name=" Description" content=" Suzhou construction site | Suzhou enterprises website | Suzhou domain name registration | Suzhou PPC " /> < meta name=" Description" content=" Suzhou professional website construction | low-cost Suzhou enterprises website | Suzhou domain name registration | Suzhou PPC " /> if a web site description; ranked in the first, then a description of the ranking in the second, I believe that access to second sites and commercial good must be ranked second in the station.

on the home page design, recommend using pure HTML or without frame dynamic page. Do not recommend using FLASH, big pictures, FRAME and special effects, etc.. About 8 seconds to open the site’s home page principle, is to talk about a visitor in a web site, if the open time more than 8 seconds, he may turn off the page to visit other pages.

affinity on the home page. Home from marketing, customer perspective to consider how to design. In a sense, the vast majority of domestic websites do not meet the requirements. Many sites, Baidu ranking in the auction effect is not large, the revocation of the Baidu PPC, they may think that Baidu is cheating, is caused by malicious clicks. However, many Internet users click on the flow did not turn into

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