Follow up user interest chiban shop with the constellation concept selling dumplings

Follow up user interest chiban shop with the constellation concept selling dumplings

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] April 15th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, snack brand Ichiban shop this year’s Dragon Boat Festival marketing strategy exposure — "constellation Brown", but not 12, but 6 were black more ordered 6 constellations.

fight, fight with taste, fight channels, fight packing the way we all considered, but currently on the market of these dumplings or the homogenization of serious, and not enough to stimulate consumers to buy highlights." Ichiban shop is responsible for the brand center manager said the interactive section.

Through the analysis of

core consumer – target population 18-29 years old urban women — the Ichiban shop found that one of the most talked about the women’s long topic is the sign, Taobao index also shows that the main fan, the constellation constellation of control for young women, aged 18-29 years old accounted for 64%.

therefore, Ichiban shop established their own strategy for millions of fans: Dragon Boat Festival custom sign dumplings gift box, for Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius 6 constellations and made 6 different fillings taste characteristics. Such as sweet candied dumplings for custom shooter, overbearing president of custom red bean dumplings subtly malicious scorpio.

"Why are these 6 constellations, one is the data show that the constellation of China’s population accounted for a relatively large constellation is the six, the two is that they are usually in the topic of a strong, often black constellation." Duan Wen said.

According to the

for billion state power network understanding, constellation concept, Ichiban shop sign with six star shaped dumplings that cover the packaging back of the mosaic six star constellation jump checkers game platform.

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