Chef food restaurant website search

Chef food restaurant website search

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from the name, search the kitchen network give people the feeling is the chef talent network, but his columns include "looking for raw materials, optimization project, Wangcai, find jobs, check books, Amoy to exchange, to ask, blogging" which is essentially a set of catering service personnel, project investment, books sales promotion, network services, ingredients for the integrated portal website. Wow, this is the best I have seen the industry channel name. But see here, we should find the first problem of this site is the name of the site does not coincide with the content. You think, if you are looking for food items, you need to buy cooking books, you want good dishes, you want to communicate with others, even if you search to search the kitchen network will interest you open? The name may make the search kitchen network and visitors pass.

In fact,

search network Internet column, kitchen chef, chef chef interview column column, Search Search Search ask, kitchen kitchen dishes base and other columns have been very good, very rich in content, a separate column, is a good professional website, can search the kitchen network has become the foundation of catering industry portal net. I think it is entirely possible to search for such a website a few million a year. On how to operate.

my business advice is:

1, the business objectives of the site should be large, China’s first chef food and beverage portal, ambition, ability to action, investment, and ultimately to achieve greater efficiency.

2, positioning for the food and beverage portal is still the first to cook this column. Chef is the core of the food and beverage industry, to seize the chef group, other projects investment, book sales and other columns are easy to do. At the same time, this is not a waste of the name of the advantages of kitchen search.

3, business ideas must pay attention to service chef, we said the chef is the core of the food and beverage industry. In order to become a good industry portal firmly grasp the core of the industry. How to carry out online advice service? Cook school, chef, chef, chef job knowledge, guidance, chef chef rating dating interview column, in short, you want to cook from professional, work, life, love, mental full attention cook, the more you care, the better service, your strengths the more obvious. Specific interviews can be made from the chef, cook the Internet column.

4, we must have a strategic plan, we must be good at planning activities, to be good at grasping the timing of each column.


website is like war, troops and equipment configuration is fixed, but why can sometimes win, sometimes defeated? To the wrong time. How to integrate their technology, products, product spleen, financial advantages, how to design activities, how to adjust the competitive strategy according to the market situation, the use of the wonderful heart. This is a single-minded focus.

search kitchen web site: Miaochuang network ( the new starting point. Contact qq>

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