Entrepreneurs how to step on the air boil opponents Sing and pig eight quit nets CEO say so

Entrepreneurs how to step on the air boil opponents Sing and pig eight quit nets CEO say so

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yesterday (April 22nd), thousands of entrepreneurs gathered in Chengdu, to participate in the tiger sniffing F& M Innovation Festival Chengdu Railway Station. There is no doubt that this is the largest local entrepreneurs in a recent gathering. The Chengdu business circle of friends is not a screenshot of the grand Shuabing, share two stage of the mobile phone photos, simple feeling.



a few days a total of ten speakers to share their entrepreneurial experience, from the local grassroots entrepreneurs in Chengdu to fly to Chengdu specifically Ali, the relevant person in charge of Jingdong. Subsequent articles related to the tiger sniffing will be sorted out, the article in order to sing CEO Chen Hua and pig eight quit network CEO two guests lecture as a sample, to see how the two entrepreneurs are thinking about this thing in the business of the.

The reason why the

chose the two is because their experiences seem to be diametrically opposed, but they have something in common.

Chen Hua can be said to sing so smooth, enjoy five days of time, do not spend a penny App Store first, and in the top five list for three months successfully rushed to, and seemed to have successfully escaped the financial crisis, the stock market crash. According to Chen Hua’s experience, he believes that

1) sing to seize the time point of the tuyere, as Lei Jun said, would like to become a pig on the tuyere, to blow themselves up;

2) entrepreneurial career, not to do business, a first day to stand out to change the society, can affect some innovative product form a lot of people’s life, such things are the most welcomed by investors;

3) as far as possible to avoid the giant’s edge, some people feel particularly cattle, BAT do I have to do, try to avoid, but don’t let it pay attention to you, this is the best, especially not to early stand;

4) the best business model is to earn money that competitors cannot imagine;

5) whether you are short of money as long as you have the product you have to finance, to keep your money, more money is not necessarily a bad thing;

6) enjoy the economic crisis because the economic crisis is the best time to get rid of all the competitors.

and pig eight quit network seems to represent a kind of failure". According to Zhu Mingyue’s words, zhubajie.com do is the worst business, the seven "Tengyun" action, almost all failed. But it is in this seemingly failed process, so that pig eight quit ten years still alive, why?

Zhu Mingyue said, pig eight quit network has four magic weapons, looks very practical:

magic one: adhere to the two major innovations: product innovation and business model innovation. Seven "Tengyun" action, although there is no >

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