Reduce the return from start to change the user’s expectations

Reduce the return from start to change the user’s expectations

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first think about why users return? Obviously except those malicious bad teacher, not a customer demands the return of either It is without rhyme or reason., product quality, or product and sites do not conform to, or are not satisfied after use, these reasons can be summed up in a word, the user receive things did not meet his expectations.

of this, I believe that all businesses are aware of, so we are in the optimization of commodity description page, in the improvement of customer service for it, and even take the initiative to admit something, these practices will to some extent reduce the return, but the effect will not be very good. Because no matter how, on the website of the commodity and real will differ, we could not put the goods do not show up, but we cannot guarantee that the commodity is suitable for all people, so to make some changes in our own body up to more in line with the user’s expectations, this is a very difficult task.

so we are not to have thought of another, starting from the customer itself, to control their expected value, so as to meet our products, in order to reduce the return? You know, the expected value is not a fixed, it is influenced by the external factors is very obvious, on this point, we can a very practical example:

if you like to bet on horses, you’ll have a more personal experience. Before we bet to buy a horse, we will feel very hesitant, because most horses are almost the same, there is no way to determine the horses in the herd to talent shows itself. But once we convince ourselves which to buy a horse, and eventually bought when the horse, your mental will have a 180 degree turn, you will have a potential confidence, feel the horse should buy will win, it will be "out of the ordinary". That is to say, when we spend money to buy a horse, we will not be the same as the horse, although the horse is the horse, the runway or the runway.

An example of

is sufficient to show that a person’s expectation of something is significantly affected by external factors. At the same time there is a very accurate principle is: when the user itself for something a promise, and at first they promised time to practice this expectation, he will be very strict with the original expectations, will not change. Use this is can effectively reduce the return.

is an example, you can imagine such a scenario:

is also selling a children’s textbooks, to make sales in two ways, the first is our normal sales practices; and the second, we make some changes in the book to sell one of the parents, then with several problems, such as: do you think this book for your child grow up to help? Normally, since the parents decided to buy, will consider the benefits of this book to a child’s development, so will certainly answer Yes. And then ask a question: when you close >

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