WeChat store opened social electricity supplier the most violent shaking

WeChat store opened social electricity supplier the most violent shaking

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once, I chat with a large coffee business to do business as a result, he said, there were two major changes made him feel shaking: one is the rise of a few years ago the rise of Taobao, is a WeChat recently.

I think, this WeChat store launch, should let him violently shaking once.

WeChat shop feature currently has access to the public number WeChat access. Developers in the service center to apply for the opening, in the WeChat store in the background to achieve the addition of goods, merchandise management, order management, shelf management, rights and a series of operations. The official said the move means that WeChat truly realized the public platform technology zero threshold electricity supplier access model.

on the launch of the WeChat store, I have three views, either to make myself tremble, or let the opponent tremble:

1, WeChat store is a turning point in WeChat products reached the electricity supplier in the field, but also the complete transformation of the electricity supplier WeChat "national team".

is currently the WeChat group, has three parts: one is the Guangzhou Research Institute, WeChat R & D department; a Tencent is the electricity supplier after the disintegration of left O2O business, Twitter Life and micro shopping; one is caifutong team. In the past year, WeChat electric products is mainly Twitter Life and micro shopping, also can see the Tencent in the exploration, adopt traditional traffic entrance mode, but this model is clearly contrary to Zhang Xiaolong talks about "justice". WeChat shop WeChat is the transformation of the electricity supplier products, but also a platform level products.

2, WeChat store will be small and the biggest positive U.S. electricity supplier. Ma Yunceng said, Taobao focus in the next few years from the past "cheap", a few years ago, "pay", "small and beautiful". However, the most able to achieve this small and beautiful electricity supplier model is WeChat shop this social model, because the traditional electricity supplier is still based on traffic patterns, scale effect, with the small and the United States have a natural conflict.

WeChat shop is a social electricity supplier blockbuster, the specific effect depends on the application and practice of enterprises. However, it will certainly be the birth of a number of army of ants. In the future, a person’s shopping malls, a person’s flower shop, a person’s business school, a person’s cinema, are likely to become a reality.

small and beautiful is the essence of personalization, the queen of the Internet in this year’s report also focused on the user’s personalized needs is a huge outlet.

3, regardless of large enterprises, or small company, put aside all the questions and the floating foam, to embrace the WeChat store this wave of social power bonus, must answer one core problem: repeat purchase rate how your


repeat purchase rate is an index of the user to repeat the purchase of products, it is a product of a company’s torture, torture a company’s fan index, but also a company’s product satisfaction torture. If your product is repeated >

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