The three BAT group purchase enclosure after US pressure public comment embarrassment rice son eno

The three BAT group purchase enclosure after US pressure public comment embarrassment rice son eno

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[with the growing popularity of the O2O model, Baidu Ali Tencent enclosure movement has almost reached the level of white hot. From the point of view of the buy site, as the top three U.S. group, public comment and glutinous rice, has been BAT injection or acquisition. However, enclosure is only the first step in the future how to actively develop the use of various resources to expand market share, to find a sustainable profit growth is the most important. In this paper, sand water from the United States mission, public comment and glutinous rice, the development of the three models and the relationship between the BAT and the three clubs to predict their future trends. [



according to the group 800 "2014 1-2 month Chinese group purchase market statistics report", the U.S. group, public comment and Baidu Nuomi group purchase market occupy the top three, the first two months of the total turnover of 6 billion 903 million, accounting for 82.47% of the group purchase market share. Group purchase market officially entered the U.S. group, public comment and Baidu Nuomi phase three heroes hegemony.

when the time into 2014, two things happened to group purchase market: the first thing is the sticky web Baidu wholly acquired and renamed "Baidu Nuomi", formally enter the group purchase industry; the second is the Tencent to complete the strategic investment, public comment on the 20% stake, which reviews formal access to WeChat and mobile phone QQ. Ali added before the U.S. investment group, a wholly-owned acquisitions High German map, BAT big three beachhead O2O World War in full swing.

Baidu Nuomi can catch up from behind?

before investing in Baidu, glutinous rice has been developed in everyone’s network has not been warm, the United States has long been criticized by the group and the team morale. On the one hand is the lack of manpower glutinous rice, only 1/4 of the United States Mission; on the other hand, if everyone is to increase the input of glutinous rice will inevitably affect the reports of listed companies, so that everyone is on management to increase investment glutinous wavering.

Baidu after the acquisition of glutinous rice, glutinous rice to get a better flow and financial support. Traffic, Baidu Nuomi 3.7-3.9 day activities more than reviews, live doubled 200 thousand -40 million, the number of client users also reached 1 million. The capital, in charge of Baidu LBS division, surgeon O2O layout vice president Liu Jun said in an internal share, in order to build confidence in the company after the integration, then I asked to sign a contract, funds second days billion to arrival, finally really did (Zhou Wuqian contract Monday working day on arrival), this is the basis of integration, so that the entire team to see the attitude of hope and glutinous rice."

also, after Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice, prepaid pool of funds rose 3.5 times than before; sales plan to expand the size from the original 2000 to 10 thousand people; business group purchase amount of coverage also from the current more than and 130 to more than and 400 city city. From these data can also be seen Baidu vigorously implement the LBS strategy, the layout of the determination of O2O, glutinous rice is to assume the role of the captain of the assault. To achieve these goals

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