How to do business on the nternet

How to do business on the nternet

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just in a chat with WeChat and a netizen, a look at what he should be opened, I want to do a website. He said he wanted to do business on the Internet, but do not know how to do. Baidu bid is too expensive, just did not have much money, want to build a few sites.

, I really don’t know what to say. Baidu bid is expensive, build several sites on the line? Not only is the friend, I believe there are a lot of friends want to do business on the Internet, they don’t know what to do, how to sell, how to let others to buy.

if you want to do business on the Internet, the site is on, a lot of people regardless of enterprises, businesses have their own website. However, how many people know how to understand the website, promotion website? A lot of people do website can say is a home, no good, also do not do.

so, if you do so, you should learn how to use the site to sell. We must learn if using web site to sell goods, to promote their products, rather than the site there all day waiting for business. If you don’t understand understand website promotion, website optimization, I believe you do nothing.

the netizen said, he also has a Taobao shop, but to open the yellow, meaning is not the meaning of. Yes, many people want to do business on the Internet, in addition to the site, it is to open a Taobao shop. However, is not to open a Taobao shop to buy something? The answer is certainly not, do not know how to open a shop promotion, a few people a day can see your shop, not to mention the money.

Many people think that Taobao

shop, just like in real life stall, ready to wait for someone to buy products on the line. However, you have not thought about, you are in real life like also looking for someone’s place. If you put stall in where the ground, no one, someone will buy you something? What money you earn?


shop is the same, to open a shop like on a desolate place to sell goods, where there are people you have to spend money on that can buy Taobao. If you have no money, no one in your shop will be able to see, not to make money. So, open shop friends must learn some of the ways to promote the network, from the forum, micro-blog, WeChat and other places to promote, it was possible to see you sell products.

doing business on the Internet, we can be called e-commerce. As for what e-commerce means, we can go to know about. In short, we want to use the Internet to sell goods, the goods sold to the whole Chinese, then money, is this meaning.

below, Shao Lianhu still tell you how to do business on the Internet in the end how to do.

1, select the product

enterprises in general, almost all businesses have their own products. However, although they have products but not necessarily all

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