Electricity providers to use the network media to carry out free marketing Raiders

Electricity providers to use the network media to carry out free marketing Raiders

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Internet era, the essence of network marketing is low cost, high efficiency, how to use the network media to carry out free marketing has become the focus of attention of many electricity supplier companies. Let Xiaobian for everyone to introduce more effective ways of a commonplace talk of an old scholar:


a, web site: the site is undoubtedly the most important free marketing position. Do website positioning, website design, website layout, website SEO optimization, online marketing and so on, showing a full range of brand image, product and service advantages, and make the website more accord with user search habits and browsing request for visitors to provide more humane and thoughtful considerate service, in order to create a real suction suction eye the enterprise website marketing platform.

two, soft Wen: soft, is an important medium for closer between the enterprise and the user identity, also show the professional enterprise and the strength to get an important means of convincing users, at the same time, it also belongs to the content of marketing is the most important part is the content and marketing network marketing in the soul. With the increasing of the platform to release the soft, soft landing is also growing in information, data, testimony, emotion and so on timeliness and strong interest, high value and high original, simple graphics, more able to seize the user attention, caused by identity, stimulate user demand and desire to share target. In order to expand the visibility of enterprises and increase the chain of soft Wen released on the electricity supplier business marketing and website SEO optimization are helpful.

three, micro-blog: Currently, micro-blog has become the main origin of social focus and flash point, and the absolute advantage in radioactive propagation and flat open sharing has become one of the main platform for fans economy. Electricity supplier companies can build official micro-blog and other authoritative certification of the nature of the micro-blog, the company will be better to show the style, the fans will play to the extreme, often more new, improve the user experience.

four, WeChat: repeat brand show is a kind of accumulation, sooner or later there will be fruit. Digging the surplus value of WeChat, it is necessary to grasp the scale between the garbage information and the spread of the virus, with a good name, good copy, independent website to carry out directional mesh spread.

five, QQ and QQ group: QQ is a CRM management model of the media, but also a powerful marketing and communication tools. This management model for enterprise marketing is very important.


space, blog, forums, etc. These are also Post Bar: an important platform for the ongoing free marketing, professional and strong, high transmission rate, release the difficulty is not large, worthy of attention.

seven, mailboxes and drift bottles: as the oldest and most formal business marketing tool, the role of e-mail marketing naturally self-evident. The role of drifting bottles can also be a lot of try, for the user extremely boring mentality, drifting bottles can be delivered to many people at the same time, you can add a strong communication of text, pictures, audio, etc.

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