nteresting Google new tricks

nteresting Google new tricks

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you may have to use a lot of times Google search engine site every day, but the following these fresh play you heard? Have a try!

1. search online camera surveillance site

Enter "inurl:"

in Google; ViewerFrame? Mode=" or inurl:" MultiCameraFrame? Mode=" inurl:" view/index.shtml"" and "(double quotes, without outside input in English state input), you will get numerous without network camera monitoring to image encryption. Bored when playing, can satisfy our curiosity. In addition, open the site: in "from" select "China", you can also see the local network camera screen.

2. lets Google search results open in new window

by default Google search results to the Baidu search engine is not the same, it is directly open the search results in the current page, it was not convenient for us to use, we can set to achieve the purpose of. Open Google, select the "preferences" link in the page opens "the results window" in check "open a new window to display the query results." For example, click the "store preference settings" button as shown in the figure.

540) this.width=540" >

3. comparison of two keywords in Google search results

would like to know Kerrey and Bush who is more fire? Then compare the number of search results Google know. Open the web site googlefight.com/, in "Keyword #1" and "Keyword #2" in the "Kerrey" and "Bush", click "Make a fight" button to see their respective results. I tried, Kerrey has 741000 search results, Bush has 4020000 search results, and the victory of the Bush!

4. told Google to tell where to travel

do you want to travel? Ask Google. Open the douweosinga.com/projects/besttimetovisit site, in the "Enter the of destination" column in the city you want to enter the name, such as "Beijing", click "Go" to get results.

5. interesting keywords

input "_*_" this keyword in Google, whether you are searching all the web pages "or" search only Chinese Webpage, you are.

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