How to play the role of network marketing in the nternet Marketing

How to play the role of network marketing in the nternet Marketing

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, as the leader of the new media, plays an increasingly important role in the mass media. They claim to be familiar with the upstart network, called them "network". In some commercial sites, network not only to undertake the task of timely publication of information, but also take into account the economic benefits of the site. It is an indisputable fact that the network is directly or indirectly involved in business activities. How to do a better job of network marketing, has become a new topic.

a, know the basic knowledge of


for the staff do not have to be very proficient in SEO net, but you know how SEO is one thing, the chain, including embedded keywords in the title hot word design, the internal anchor text set, the set of keywords, layout and so on, these basic knowledge has a chance to help improve the article collected by Baidu in order to enhance the site’s ranking. Although it is said that the user experience is the most important, but how to use search engines to find our content is particularly critical.

two, with the power of technology to give users a new experience

for a qualified web series, when editing articles not only Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, like a dock porters, put an article to move, not to think about why to write this article? This article is for what people see? This article will reach what is the purpose? If the net even these do not know, how to refine the title? How to design with the chain keywords? How? How to set the related reading. Users read this article, can produce the reading desire? Can linger on the site? Can improve the site sticky? We can increase the value of PV cannot?. If a manuscript compiled no one, why make? As a basic task of the mass media, is to own a written version of the news quickly spread out, let more people see, let more users to participate. If a network coding merely to simple copy and paste, do not understand the user’s psychological, it’s just a mindless work force every day, recorded more manuscript without any benefits on the website. Of course, the online article also with some advanced technology, allowing users to have a new experience, so as to attract more people to participate in.

here to share an online marketing case in the automotive industry – Volkswagen only 20, only online interactive marketing activities. In May 4, 2007, Volkswagen released the latest two beetle series: bright yellow and blue on his website, the first new car a total of 20 cars were sold online. This is the first time Volkswagen has sold its products on its website. Using the Flash technology website to promote the two models, a virtual online test drive experience. The movements and sounds into one, with different environment on the drive, which has brought hitherto unknown freshness to the user. Car users are free to choose the highway, rural fields, realistic picture, a strong sense of the scene.


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