Bubble renewed concerns about technology startups by venture capital hit a 15 year high

Bubble renewed concerns about technology startups by venture capital hit a 15 year high

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technology news Beijing time on March 6th morning news, Boston Vc firm Spark Capital founding partner Todd · (Todd Dagres); daghlas believes that the financing situation of technology startups today reminded him of the.Com bubble in 2000.

"we must be in the bubble, but not as bad as in 2000." Dagres said, "if you wake up and find the house full of ‘Unicorn’, it must be in the dream, you do not want this dream to continue."

according to market research firm CB Insights statistics, over the past two years, there have been more than and 50 U.S. venture capital investment in start-up companies to reach or exceed $1 billion valuation. Including housing rental website Airbnb, the company will be $20 billion valuation of $1 billion financing. Burn after reading photo sharing application Snapchat and Pinterest social photo sharing site were also plan to 19 billion and expand the $11 billion valuation of financing.

these large, high price financing has become a typical feature of today’s science and technology circles." Silicon Valley Vc firm Benchmark · partner Bill (Bill Gurley); Gayle said in a blog post published in February 25th.

as this round of trends in the most typical enterprise, special application of Uber Technologies completed approximately $4 billion in equity and debt financing in the past year, the valuation reached $40 billion, a record in the history of the United States Private Held Company.

NBA team Dallas Mavericks owner Mark · Cuban (Mark) has been founded by Broadcast.com accumulated huge wealth, he also believes that today’s technology market bubble again appeared in.

he wrote in a blog post published Wednesday: "if we think that the original investment in listed Internet Co is a stupid move, could not return back, then today’s situation worse."

Gayle also believes that today’s already in the valuation bubble and bubble risk.

but there are still people who believe that there is no bubble from the data point of view. According to the law firm Fenwick & West released in February 17th this year, the survey results, venture capital companies last year to obtain a new record high since 2000, reaching $50 billion. But companies that have invested are still only half as much as they were in 2000.

Fenwick & West partner Barry · Cramer (Barry Kramer) said, we are in a period of winner. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan · (Al>)

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