There is a kind of marketing method is most suitable for you let the marketing effect through

There is a kind of marketing method is most suitable for you let the marketing effect through

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president today saw a marketing case, combined with their own experience, a lot of empathy. Whether online or offline, there are many kinds of marketing methods, but for every enterprise or every industry, there is no need to use a variety of marketing methods, N, must have a is the most suitable for you, will make your sales amount multiplied or registered, see can you by trying to find the way.


look at this case, we can more intuitive understanding.


of a small clothing business brand, positioning the user own is three or four lines of the public security organs working women, why is there such a strange location, this is the content of brand positioning, not for the time being.

What are the characteristics of the

population? First, the money, the reason for it, as Chinese understand; second, life is boring; third, the lack of passion, in comparison, vanity, conservative, boring working and living environment.

for such characteristics of the crowd, the brand is how to marketing it? After the actual operation, they found such a seemingly very soil, but very effective marketing methods.

is this: when a customer orders, they will give additional buyers sent a large bouquet of flowers, and only send to the buyer’s unit (if the buyer is leaving the home address, send). Imagine a bouquet of flowers to a very traditional values, and pay special attention to the interpersonal relationship and the image, and everywhere people love gossip units (characteristic of unit system of government), the recipient is female, it will cause big sensation, instantly the whole unit of people all know.

as the female, can do, must do, but also very proud to do, is to explain things one by one is to buy a certain brand of clothes and get, and will also introduce them to buy.

and the fact that it is the case: the brand background data show that after a period of time, the region’s orders will come out one after another, and then they continue to copy this strategy. In general, an order will bring several new orders ranging from more than a dozen.

do electricity providers are aware of this transformation is how terrible. The brand is a small brand, have not played much advertising, sales of billions of dollars, life has run.

is such a small marketing innovation, was implemented to the extreme, it produces such a big effect.

for this kind of experience, the president is very sympathetic, a lot of enterprises, always follow the trend, look at the others using the so-called social marketing, WeChat marketing, micro-blog marketing, do not feel behind, nor to use, whether or not suitable for their own. So do marketing, of course, no effect.

real marketing, is based on the full analysis of user characteristics, and constantly try to, >

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