Life needs to expose 2015 of these marketing you must see through

Life needs to expose 2015 of these marketing you must see through

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6 years ago, micro-blog to discuss what is the marketing, I said, marketing is to 40000 hand piece all sunny, don’t cry hunger, not Haohan. 6 years later, I came to WeChat from micro-blog. The word marketing and me cannot be mention in the same breath today, what is the marketing way, I would say, want to have the sun self happiness, had to be strong in the nouveau riche circle of friends and pain, this pain is the marketing! Hi, Hello, come with me to the latest 2015 through a popular marketing.

content marketing

in the PM trust loss micro-blog official forced shoving all kinds of spam, like I do, just don’t take yourself seriously, for example, like those from 9AGA and Tumblr to move through their own, have never seen the world know only 23333 of users to become fans, and then to establish in the captive, "content" the victory today, estrus, tomorrow to help people sell mobile phone shell, copying large grassroots marketing fell down, stand up naked write words.

"I am the world from your past, just to have a fever left limited mobile phone shell cross Jiajia"

dream marketing

Chengdu drainage oil string before the boss is a programmer, Guangzhou boss before paste is PM, the Shandong green onion growers are successful VC, they are a new generation of dream.

dream of the word in 2015 will continue to be used for marketing, it was a dream, the dream is our people in addition to poverty, the other second automatic skills.

"if you are concerned about the dream behind (quality, service) and the salted fish, what is the difference? — mutual Xingchi"

digital marketing

Chinese digital marketing is the marketing of mathematics, the Navy invincible, as a boss, even if the water, holding 10 thousand of micro-blog removed 2000 Navy which is 8000 forwarding forwarding, 8000 forwarding, think about what the concept ah, Comrades, but close to 10 thousand forward.

in China everywhere in the navy is inevitable, even if your feelings of *3. Regardless of the quality of the idea, micro-blog forward 10 thousand, video playback 5 million, an American oil video million plus wood louse is classic, your country marketing video no 500 million people from the media did not kneel lick, can save many people with


"people more power, to the rich, social network

number mutual brush village"

90 marketing

had disappeared after the 70 micro-blog Internet analysts into a media comment 90 cultural observers.

They sang praises

90, young, is grasping the party a fear of missing the next black swan, Miss young consumers, in 70 after 90 perspective to label instilling advertising content to them, because you want to make your praise.

"the young body is all from head to toe

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