Analysis of the acquisition method of precise users based on O2O mode

Analysis of the acquisition method of precise users based on O2O mode

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is now engaged in network marketing is undoubtedly very popular, because as long as there is a good network marketing skills, whether it is to help others or engage in their own marketing, a website or shop for marketing, with a lot of money effect. But a lot of people after learning network technology, you can found the number of people affected is relatively more, but many of these users did not bring much profit for himself, and the main reason for this situation, the key is to do precision marketing.

precision marketing for O2O operations is particularly important. Because the core of this model is to generate transactions, as much as possible to reduce the possibility of those who do not have the transaction user communication time, so as to effectively improve the transaction efficiency. Reduce operating costs. So how can we better enhance the accuracy of the marketing model based on the effect of O2O operation it?

first, based on the search engine to get the idea of the user. O2O business model is to convert the amount of online users to offline transactions, this approach can effectively solve the problem of user experience. The difficulty lies in how to attract more users with the idea of trading. And this is precisely the core of precision marketing. This search engine through the long tail keyword marketing method is able to effectively achieve this. As you prepare to attract users who want to lose weight, then the most direct and effective method is a combination of its own to promote the brand and diet related keywords, then these keywords ranking do go up, even by the PPC mode, the compelling those with keyword purchase intention user ranking, can be obtained the corresponding possible for their website will become your offline end users.

second, the search engine of the precision marketing method is only a primary stage, which is a primary screening of the target user, when the user enters after the line the store, but also by the cordial guidance shopkeepers, to produce the final transaction. In addition, we can also through the social network for precision marketing. Because in the social networking platform, can produce excellent interactive effects and sharing effect. Or take the slimming products as an example, if we share a weight-loss brand on social platforms, and shows good slimming effect of this brand, which has a desire to lose weight people have expressed concern, and gradually formed a fan group, at this time has reached a preliminary construction of the target group, and then further improve interaction thus, leading fans to entities under the line to buy, so that you can fully reflect the essence of precision marketing. At the same time, it can reduce the marketing cost.

third, precision marketing based on the local area. Because the O2O operation mode in a certain extent by the regional restrictions, for example, you are ready to engage in the catering industry O2O, you can not through the full range of Internet marketing, let users in Beijing to Sanya to spend, maybe one day a friend in Beijing to travel to Sanya you will choose this hotel. Therefore, in order to more accurate marketing, but also need to build on the basis of the local area >

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