Zhu Zerong figure Wang and Wang Tong soft marketing realm

Zhu Zerong figure Wang and Wang Tong soft marketing realm

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wants to be an entrepreneur, a social activist. Zhu Zerong

first look at the following figure Wang and Wang Tong’s Baidu index: daily search volume.


              Wang Tong, a figure king and marketing are the same, in order to establish a strong personal influence as the basis for the development, they represented a typical soft writing mode – we can call the influence of marketing.

two, no soft Wen wen. Most no express your company, product, website, and other information in their article, they only talk about their point of view, only talk about the views and experiences, when you know this person, also familiar with their products, and the company website.

three, the largest soft marketing body, neither the company or website name, nor is it a product or business, but your own. Your name is the most potential, the most can play a role, to produce the most influential marketing entity, the editors strongly hope and some new hot – they love some original opinions, they pushed the fire they love. On the other hand, if you try to preach a company’s name, a product, the purpose is too strong, could be seen as the existence of commercial interests, directly by editing shoot release, this is what you easily wrote many soft, but it is difficult to express, because people don’t want to.

four, the reader of soft Wen, they appear in the articles of the company and products, but also has a strong psychological conflict. If a soft Wen is seen advertising suspicion, readers will be very vigilant, if only to talk about your personal experience, skills, ideas and opinions, everyone will like to contact with you, and put you on a.

Some people who write

five, readers, will gradually use articles and your correspondence, and you from afar, and your publicity, extensive quotation of your point of view, a large number of recommend your name, a lot of praise for your reputation, and a lot of help you produce enough clout, they help you again and again manufacture of soft, they again push you in front of the public, they again remind readers of the memory, and they will take you to a peak of fame…… When someone’s pen, repeatedly referred to you when you reach the soft to follow the marketing of the state.

six, the average daily search volume constant, every day at least hundreds of people looking for their articles on the Internet, their current situation, this is the realm of marketing, if you can name every day to reach this search volume, the website business with your business has stabilized, Everfount customers every day to you focus on the Internet, trying to send you money.

we say – this is the realm of soft marketing.

Zhu Zerong: you can also try to sell yourself

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