B2C website operation ideas B2C network promotion program

B2C website operation ideas B2C network promotion program

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recently there are many B2C companies looking for me to do the promotion, here B2C I express my own opinion, the writing is limited, we do see.

first, talk about the profit model of the B2C website. In fact, the B2C website profit model is very simple, is to sell the product or service to the right people to profit, and do a physical entity to sell a little similar products.

and B2C in operation before to do a lot of preparation, the project operation scheme is similar, for instance you should consider doing the B2C site you where the advantage, technology advantage, source advantage, team advantage, advantage of experience or what. And the best that you can have advantages in all aspects, so you will have a greater chance of success; you also have the long term on the B2C website after one year to scale, how much profit can the financial index is simply a month; invested in how many range and so are you to consider.

Some of the details of

and attention at the start: a good name, registered a domain name associated with a good design, logo, test different regional server response speed, according to all the good B2C website, the counterparts of www.5i7u.com with each other, the collection of outstanding B2C sites, including different regions and different languages! And then combine these competitors’sites comprehensive adjustment, including the function of the website design, layout, architecture, product classification, search habits and other details.

these are done to the promotion of foreign, rather than blindly promotion, and network promotion this is the second step, including search engine marketing, promotion, online promotion activities planning and promotion, and network promotion is the need of the analysis, such as the user group determined. User group distribution (gathered on the network) and so on……

operation is a complex system of things, if we go deep in the serial novel can, ha ha. Today, I am here to summarize some of the B2C site operations ideas, I hope to help you, thank you!

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