Five important strategies of event marketing operation

Five important strategies of event marketing operation

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website or many enterprises hope that through an event marketing hype, rapidly improve the company’s reputation, which in the past most of many artists to hype their popularity, often use some hot event marketing, such as last year’s Su Zizi event, and this year’s Chen Yao divorce, it seems that Yifei Tang also in speculation of this event, so as to improve their visibility, to know who this pseudo mistress in the past ah, visible event marketing influence is very big, so for the site or enterprise, how to organize a successful event marketing? It should follow the following five an important strategy for


1: correlation strategy

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first events or activities are needed and enterprises, as we used car home this site held post prize activities, to fit closely related web content, rather than engage in second-hand vehicle website planning with star speculation events, through the correlation of events to ensure the concern for enterprises understand, such as the donkey incident is a combination of television ads, and a plan of related events, suddenly let the donkey nets than Ganji also fire, visible relevance strategy is very important! > two: regular strategy

we are planning the event marketing, must have the law of the news media, this event must have news value, and then carry out the specific operation, is likely to be the major media reports, this news can spread rapidly, so what kind of event was able to receive people’s attention? The ancient an example to prove what event has news value that is happening in Tang Minghuang Li Longji’s things, the year of the locust, but many people are superstitious locust is a fetish, not enough to kill the emperor, then went to the disaster area, even roasted locusts, at once aroused the local people overcome the locusts of courage, but this matter quickly spread to the surrounding areas, all of a sudden with local officials and the public have defeated the locusts, visible events In order to spread to follow the news with a new, shocking and hot effect can be


three: risk strategy

In fact,

companies want to make the event marketing, we must first consider whether the event risk, if this event is false, but also have a negative impact on the company’s events, even very attracted the attention of the people that can not carry out marketing, otherwise it will become a drop of speculation, like many celebrities to take their own privacy to speculation, it is a sad thing, although be famous, but the moral corruption and how to let people remember you forever! Most people at leisure become the talk of it


four: stereo strategy

don’t just simple event marketing bombing through a variety of media, also need to carry out some on-site demonstration, organized activities really come to the side of ordinary people, and now many celebrities signing is a >

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