Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the 6 promotion methods

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the 6 promotion methods

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website to promote a lot of ways, but all kinds of methods are favorable and disadvantages, to do marketing we must put together a variety of ways to promote the use of.

1, QQ marketing

QQ marketing is mainly through QQ and QQ group chat with customers to establish a trust relationship, and then introduce our website to them. To allow users to believe you, agree with you, we must first come up with our sincerity, to treat friends in the way to communicate with them, and then to promote them will be more simple.

QQ marketing benefits are: effective, simple, chat can be, do not need any investment.

QQ marketing drawbacks are: not a wide range of promotion, a person can not communicate with many customers at the same time, even the QQ group is the same, there are only about 50 active users QQ group. So, want to use QQ marketing to achieve large-scale promotion is almost impossible.

2, email marketing

mail marketing refers to the use of e-mail technology to send some of the products related attributes and knowledge sent to the user, the user will be interested to see or even buy, and ultimately achieve the purpose of marketing.

mail marketing advantages: a wide range, can be all over the world.

email marketing shortcomings: goal is not clear, it is difficult to determine which users can become your target customers. And it’s easy to be defined by users as spam.


3, forum marketing

forum marketing is an enterprise to use this forum to network communication platform, release enterprise products and services through text, pictures, video and other forms of information, so as to make the target customers more profound understanding of the enterprise products and services, to promote the corporate brand, enhance the market awareness of network marketing purposes.

forum marketing needs how to do? Can go to the forum to send some articles, the article contains our advertising, but users do not think so, but that is a very useful article to him, so that we can achieve the goal of marketing forum.

forum marketing advantages: targeted, high success rate.

forum marketing drawbacks: Forum update frequency faster, it is easy to sink.

4, SNS marketing

SNS is a popular network communication mode on the network this year, the successful operation of the domestic network, foreign facebook. A more practical article by SNS, after we reproduced, share your results, a mass ten, ten people, this is a good channel for a promotion.

SNS promotion advantages: the effect is very obvious, it can be described as a hundred test bad marketing.

SNS marketing shortcomings: a more practical soft Wen can be met and can not be requested

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