China motor vehicle network website promotion preliminary proposal

China motor vehicle network website promotion preliminary proposal

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after a preliminary observation of China’s motor vehicle network (, to see a few, I hope that after the amendment to increase our user experience (that is, increase our site traffic), the following is my personal advice:

1, increase external links

here is a simple case of our website:

is now a little poor links, links, some of the links should not be removed, the following said the increase of the chain method:

we can usually through the exchange links, manufacturing link bait, put the link with the soft text and other methods to build the chain.

1, we look at the exchange links should follow the principles:

a, the link text contains keywords

B, as far as possible with the high relevance of the site, channel exchange links

C, the other side of the site outbound links can not be too much, too much words do not have much value

D, to avoid and not included as well as search engine punishment site exchange links

2, manufacturing link bait: manufacturing link bait is a labor-saving work, which makes the other side of the site for us to add links. There are many techniques to create link bait, but it can be summed up in two words: creativity.

3, with the link of the soft. Refers to the business promotion or in order to get the chain in order to get the link with the soft.

2, it is recommended to use DIV+CSS layout, we are now the site is TABLE layout.

below said the benefits of the next DIV+CSS layout:

a, with css+div, it is necessary to give up some of the habits of the previous table layout, including some of the habits of the page format:

1 was used in the form of the layout, usually with irregular background images, cross the cell to do some irregular effects. Css+div is characterized by the separation of the format and style.

2.css+div or with the exercise of the block is better, the page is simple, intuitive, not so fancy. The structure of the source code is simple, high efficiency of page execution.

3 to minimize the use of nested div, reduce the line redundancy code, improve the speed of the page load.

two, Div+css website structure to optimize the role of SEO website is becoming more and more obvious.

research is now ranked in front of some of the popular keyword sites, basically using div+css, so why would DIV+CSS be more favorable to the rankings or SEO?

1 uses this structure after the HTML page is basically only text or image information, and the style is placed inside the CSS, so search crawlers >

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