Some common methods of website promotion

Some common methods of website promotion

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a new period how to use Baidu products to promote the website

Baidu is paying more and more attention to tap their own existing value of products, such as Baidu and Baidu encyclopedia, and these two products, has high value, worthy of attention;

to write a quality original article, for the value of the immeasurable, and write things, but also for their own exercise, at least, the network needs the original things;

social polymerization products are becoming more and more popular, but also become very valuable, such as micro blog (twitter), SNS (Facebook), RSS subscription (feedsky). These new forms of network, without exception, have some kind of matrix, win reputation, get the final value.

two, to create high-quality original articles

1 should pay attention to the topic

(1) to directly express the meaning of the topic

is not subject to dry, to taste, to allow readers to understand clearly, what you want to express, so you’ll show the theme of this article. What have you done about four articles comparing the browser will not be able to say, "analysis" four browser five projects and to express the contrast, conclusion, analysis such as the "four big five browser of Google IE’s Firefox optimal time difference", then such as "Firefox recommendation, how to improve the efficient use of Firefox". This problem is often a little longer, we should pay attention to some of the site’s title box character restrictions.

this advice to learn some good print media, such as the "financial" magazine, "Southern Weekend", "Economic Observer", or some very provocative sites, such as banner, NetEase,, DoNews etc..

(2) topic to have a unique

because we are small people website, how not to be overwhelmed by the flood of information, it is necessary to develop a more unique topic, although this can not be absolutely, but try to do so. For example, Google browser, a large number of reviews to emerge, you will not be able to say "Google browser performance testing", or "Google browser experience", because the popular topic that has already been in mass production. It should be independent, a special name, such as "four analysis of the browser of the five of the most optimal Firefox Google IE", or "8 advantages and 9 disadvantages of Google browser".

2 on the correct use of language and typesetting

language is elegant, with the meaning of beauty. Basic is the correct use of language, concise, pay attention to art, logical and rhythm change. Here you can read Liu Ren wrote about the composition of the wind article. Usually you can also look at Hong Bo’s blog keso and dragon’s Moonlight blog.


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