All Taiwan nternet product selection of electronic teaching products

All Taiwan nternet product selection of electronic teaching products

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why are all sealed is called "electronic learning products", rather than "Internet teaching products", which is significant. Because the Internet business environment is not mature, simply stay online, it is in your own grave.

We think today

electronic learning products, its categories and the depth of field is very much, but unfortunately people’s thinking is far from here, so that the huge market potential have not been excavated. All units in the letter "to the Internet era is the end of parasitic flow" in an article has been put forward, more and more traffic will not work, free internet strategy in the earliest YAHOO created the rules of the game is over, you must adjust the direction to between the product and the charges simply equate.

electronic learning products market potential is undoubtedly the most powerful one, learning more and more with every life, regardless of pupils’ academic counseling, or has become entrepreneurs Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin, are constantly learning, but the learning and teaching of different subjects, different products. Second, people are always interested in people with special needs, and every kind of interest and demand behind, is the new product in the teaching, whether English courses, or Cello Teaching, or the young hip-hop fashion, or home care services for elderly people. Have teaching and learning two aspects of the market. Third, the whole of China’s overall education environment is far from developed, many of the field of teaching products no one to do, or no better ideas to develop.

letter of Taiwan provided a simple example: Mathematics and English interactive lessons for students, this is a very good product development. Whether you are able to provide any electronic teaching products, the vast market waiting for you to explore, you must pay attention to the following questions.

first: the more professional the better the product. You may only focus on the site editor to expand the teaching product, which includes the teaching materials, teaching manuals, customer site editor management samples, web editing tool library, material library, and so many product lines. You must do first, do the most professional, so that you can supply this product in depth on the field more, otherwise you are no market competitiveness, will be the new competitors taking market at any time, you have to beware of the use of personnel, careful people steal your customer data.

second: with more consideration of how with the next line, the line established sales channels or cooperation bundling is a key, if you do not have this ability, it is best to find a decisively specializes in the sale of the company, let them help you to sell. You have to consider is how to make the best products, but not how to sell products, do not attempt to earn what money is your own purse, the sales do not go out, when you don’t have to worry about, excellent sales ability, your company is easy to collapse, then a good idea is not achieved.

third: pay attention to middle and high

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