How do they make use of people’s curiosity to make money

How do they make use of people’s curiosity to make money

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nonsense not say directly on the dry cargo:

I saw an exhibition before, do not look good, a look at my childhood dream to wake up.

at that time, there was a painter also told me that it is not too late to learn painting, self-study slowly, this is the most fun, but also to me to recommend a book called "30 days to learn painting". Let me use this book to clean up.

well, come back and buy books online.

author in the search box just hit the 30 days of learning has not finished, it is recommended that the following options:


I went to

, I now have the


author out of curiosity, click on the 30 day to learn the soul out".


sales volume is not large, the price is not expensive, the best one is 5.8 yuan, there are more than and 260 people to buy.

, however, I decided to look into the end, I changed a few keywords to search, such as:

special function book


A "casual"




just give a few examples.

you can see, "30 days to learn the soul" on the news, only can see how the fire had sold.


see here, we should be able to find a law.

people, born to the fate of the soul, for the super ability, for the past and the afterlife and other aspects of curiosity. All want to find out what is true.

and this curiosity can not only encourage more people to watch, but also to promote people pay an important psychological characteristics.

and the use of people’s curiosity to make money and a lot of it!

is the most typical example, we can go to the end of the world forum forum to see the lotus.

post there are very popular, because these types of people can be the most curious about.

especially fortune telling this section, I have seen too much in the end of the post, free of charge to help people fortune telling, do marketing forum, and then drain to their own platform to do the service charges. The method looks very simple, but no way, the effect is good, fortune telling service minimum 200 yuan, every day can pick up several single.

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