Several methods for the promotion of movie and TV station

Several methods for the promotion of movie and TV station

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own a website is the dream of many people or is interested! But to achieve success is not so easy! I have such a dream and fun! Now I take you to be a reference to their promotion of some methods to! Just for reference, not all promotion promotion method is! A lot of


don’t do too much SEO in the web page! Bore the, good site is not required for SEO

in the famous forum and leave a message on blog, to seduce spider. The best is soft, soft! You have a good scale! If the reply is post if possible before 3 floor and finally back to first floor (according to each forum is different is different, but most of the forum at the end of the 1 floor are generally 8,10,15 floor), because most before the forum third floor is easy to let people see, the last floor is at the bottom, people can see the reply.


Links. This is a website for any people to do, in fact, Links really never IP rarely, mainly is to improve the PR and do the reverse link, can be found in the search engine, of course, can achieve high quality links will return a lot of


flow alliance and address station site early is also a need to add these alliances! To a mutually beneficial relationship, address station can go to more traffic! Alliance add 1 to 2 is enough! Just try to find entertainment entertainment station on the good, I just do the movie station to the rose auditorium as an example to recommend a few, search a Le search than a and so on some movie website traffic alliance, add the swap chain alliance, such as the eight side chain and the Qixi Festival chain and some other exchange chain, they generally have some code seductive pictures, code no, seriously affect the user experience of the website of your case in various places on your site, you give them a little at a time They will give you back to 3 IP or more, the higher the proportion of points, the higher the initial stage of the first do not advertise, put your ads are placed on the flow union picture code, so that the more anti IP back and forth.


registered hi in Baidu, as far as possible with friends, then published articles contain their own web site, you will find a lot of people on the page column, "updates", is your article will be indexed on his page, you have 1000000 friends your article is shown on the 1000000 friends page, that is not afraid of spiders, is not afraid of


is your station is a network to let the engine included as soon as possible.

will manage friends links, although is cumbersome.

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