Three modes of network marketing in small and medium sized enterprises

Three modes of network marketing in small and medium sized enterprises

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traditional enterprise network marketing three stages: look down upon; not clear; do not understand. Small and medium enterprises suitable for the model, so far, the modern enterprise network marketing category and method is more and more, SEO, bidding, Taobao, soft Wen, news marketing, etc.. Later out of the micro marketing, mobile internet marketing, WeChat, micro-blog. With the Northeast words, small and medium-sized enterprises is not a circle, with their own enterprise, choose appropriate network marketing mode, improve the conversion rate, improve turnover, profit growth.

enterprises are now divided into three categories according to product marketing network, the specific needs of the product, the demand for the product, the demand for products.

1, such as mining equipment companies are not suitable to do WeChat marketing, which is a representative of the specific needs of the product, the customer is the intention of a particular customer, hardware, machinery, mining, etc. are the specific needs of the product.

2, we all have needs, may not be now, but the demand is happening around. For example, such as wedding, wedding photography, decoration, buy a house. Marriage is what happens to everyone, but to a certain period of time will have this option, decoration, buy a house people are in pursuit of something to happen.

3, mass demand products. For example, clothing, comprehensive price, style, price, etc., will be the purchase of products, food and other living must be fast selling products, digital products, etc.. For example, early education institutions, which belongs to the optional demand for products, BMW is also optional, demand for products, BMW marketing focus from the beginning of the education of children, they implanted in a sense, tell parents and kids have to know, BMW has the impression that BMW will become the majority of young people choose.

to distinguish their own business type, the choice of promotion methods.

1, product specific requirements. Network promotion using WBS model, the most accurate marketing.

W marketing website construction, can not give enterprises to develop marketing programs, is a failure to build a good marketing website. Network marketing, contact the content more, don’t mess up thinking. Marketing website – the ultimate purpose of the site is to leave the customer contact, or even a deal. An effect of first step: attractive, small and medium enterprises search keywords to the site, enter the site first want to see the products, competitive products, consumers can really help solve the problem of the product. What is the information into the consumer mind, into the site is not really able to see products on the site, product copywriting, product highlights. Open the web site through search engines, generally will not only open a website, compare three five websites, how to pass the information, choose the most attractive, and most fit his needs, that is to say the most can solve the problem of the website. For example, the search may be training, network marketing training, enterprise network marketing training to help enterprises solve the problems such as the problem of what, in your home, other sites they may not be viewed, because China speed comparison card. Second, build trust, >

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