The next 12 months the network marketing staff to improve the transformation of the site is preferre

The next 12 months the network marketing staff to improve the transformation of the site is preferre

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July 27th, SeeWhy conducted an online survey of 221 online marketers. The results showed that the future of December has some potential change, focus on the shopping cart to save, reduce the landing page (landing page) of clutter, link building, and exchange of messages, these are the highest priority.


survey conducted in-depth research on their priorities in four key areas of transformation. The four areas of investigation are as follows: search engine optimization (SEO), landing page optimization, email marketing, website conversion / shopping cart rescue technology.

SEO priority consideration


in the next 12 months, what kind of SEO technology is your priority?

marketers plan to focus on the link building, which is the next 12 months their top priority, the 42% shows that this is the focus of the most concentrated SEO. The transformation of the site page to ensure a higher search engine friendly to 22% ranked second, there are plans to focus on the combination of social media, 21%. Based on Web site optimization (site-based optimization, such as site maps and navigation), in the main concern of only 15%. There are two notable conclusions from these findings:

1) marketers have agreed to some changes in recent months Google, the search results in the quality and diversity of links, placed in a more preferred position than the content itself.

2) the combination of social media is unexpectedly high. When marketers are keen on social media, this is indeed a cutting-edge approach from SEO, a sign that marketers have realized the importance of social media in increasing traffic. In particular, Facebook’s social plug-ins, including the easy to implement "Like" button, are beginning to be seen as a simple "social SEO tool"".

website and landing page optimization


what is your preferred landing page optimization technique for the next 12 months,


landing page optimization, marketers are taking seriously, less is more concept. More than half (51%) said that the reduction of clutter is a top priority, aware that landing pages need to gradually increase simplicity over time, as well as simple, powerful action.

28% marketers plan to re evaluate the text on a page with a view to improving the site’s conversion rate, while only 17% of the people take the initiative to remove some fields from the data collection form. This is surprising, as experts continue to emphasize the importance of the form as long as the necessary fields to enhance the

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