Oracle investment VR AR project visualization of large scale data analysis

Oracle investment VR AR project visualization of large scale data analysis

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Two big data research project

Oracle has recently invested in Australia University of Western Sydney computing, engineering and mathematics department, they were from two fields of visual analysis technology in the new application means: in the field of children’s cancer treatment using visualization to better analyze data, and use VR and AR to help the visualization of large-scale data analysis.


Oracle big data department senior director Rober Spinks commented: Oracle is the core of the data, how to manage, encrypt, and more efficient use of data. In today’s big data world, the visualization is very important to understand, especially for those of ordinary users, directly from the data report and a bunch of instruments is very difficult to obtain information, visual analysis can add a new dimension to the data, from which help users better access to new information and view. We invest in these two projects are very cool, we are very much looking forward to what they can bring to the world."

"by visual analysis of effective clinical decision" project currently by the New South Wales Cancer Institute "big data, big potential" fund, the first project can be covered in the next two years of Oracle investment funds.

University of Western Sydney computing, engineering and mathematics, senior lecturer Dr. Nguyen explained: "although with the technology and research progress of childhood cancer cure rate has been greatly improved, but there are still many problems to be solved. The human genome contains thousands of genes, each of which contains the genetic information of each patient and the biological mechanisms of their disease. Our research uses data visualization technology to combine genetic information and clinical data, and is expected to find a safer, more effective, non-toxic treatment. "

second research projects focus on the application of virtual reality and augmented reality tools in large-scale data analysis tools, and is recruiting PhD students, as of next June.

Dr Nguyen

said: "this technology driven society produces a large number of unused data, common existing analytical techniques has not been able to cope with the huge and responsible for the data, we will study the use of the latest VR/AR technology, experience analysis development of immersive visualization new. "

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