Top venture capital institutions great company early long

Top venture capital institutions great company early long

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has such a traditional view: company product once the validation is matched with the market demand, the founder of the company should put the position of CEO let out, looking for a more understand the management of occupation managers to serve as the company’s CEO.

Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz apparently do not think so. As the founder of the top venture capital institutions Andreessen Horowitz, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz are more inclined to invest in the founders of the company intends to long-term CEO and operating companies. In a recent share activities, Marc Andreessen explains why, they is mainly based on the history.

Andreessen Horowitz is the goal of science and technology investment company under a great, judge an entrepreneurial company whether has the potential to grow into a great company, the best way is to take the history as reference.

if you carefully study the past 50 years, and even the great technology companies within 100 years of it, you will find that many of these companies have been for decades by the founder of the company responsible for the operation of the hand.

below these companies are a typical example of

Amazon – Jeff Bezos

Apple – Steve Jobs

HP – Dave Packard

Microsoft – Bill Gates

Oracle – Larry Ellison

SONY – Akio Morita

2010, "fortune" magazine CEO 10 years of the greatest in the 12 candidates in CEO, they all are the founder of the company, no one is the board of directors of the company hired the occupation managers. One of the ultimate elected CEO is the greatest Steve Jobs, he is also the founder of Apple Corp. Of course, this can not be absolute, there are a few exceptions. But historical data show that most of the great technology companies are generally the founder of the company has been operating as CEO. Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz also believe in this point of investment.

founders are generally innovators

now has a very gerontocrats statement, said the founder general is too stubborn, they usually hold the original idea is not put, unable to keep pace with the times. We think it’s just the opposite.

The core of the

technology world is

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