APP marketing event marketing down to earth learn from each other

APP marketing event marketing down to earth learn from each other

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for an enterprise, APP promotion method is too much. The original promotion approach in addition to the use of existing social networking sites, media channels, application stores, online advertising, brush list, the amount of change is also very selective. How to find a more effective way of promotion? In addition, a APP success but cannot do without the promotion, also need to constantly improve and progress, you must learn to have a APP, or even competitors, through each other to achieve transcendence and subversion.

event marketing – looking for tipping points

often play a circle of friends, micro-blog’s people know that the recent Jing Chai’s dome under the video brush burst micro-blog home page and circle of friends, by the way with red environmental APP pollution map. Perhaps this is a fortuitous event, "pollution map" in the 2014 June release, now popular or so passive. But no matter how the process, it is completely red overnight.

borrow hot video, APP burst of red, people make the mobile Internet industry and to find a new marketing mode, brand promotion video exposure. So developers and operators of a time analysis, why a video can bring such a big effect for a APP, of course, is not to deny the promotion video exposure is a very good way, it will make your brand communication more deeply, more widely, also can bring more downloads for you.

so, we can not through the event marketing, reverse thinking about. "Under the dome" fire "pollution map" is why, why is the 12369 environmental hotline, why is the 360 mobile phone assistant report? What is the relationship between them, "" below the canopy is the representative of the public awareness of environmental protection, the democratic consciousness and conscience, with natural fire, is related to environmental protection application. In other words, the promotion of the core, is the need to find a tipping point.

Jing Chai itself is not a lack of media resources and large circle of contacts, her "under the dome" after exposure, but caused a huge sensation, of course, any event also has both positive and negative effects, especially the public video sensitive. Thus we can see that the detonation of an event, the need to use the media platform. Whether it is video media, network media, etc..

, for example, may day is the peak tourist season, you can from your APP and find strong tourism related, such as travel guides, travel quiz and so on, then as a tipping point in some local famous large portals, such as Tencent of Hubei Chu network as a platform. That caused the ordinary user’s attention. The event started after the detonation, then spread to some network media such as micro-blog, QQ and other space, also spread may wish to take a short video, you brush micro-blog should have this experience, a short video can arouse people’s curiosity. Because it does not take time but also very easy to convey to the user to express the meaning of.

your APP can’t do as much as "pollution map" fire, after all, Jing Chai’s contacts >

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