From Beckham to return to Manchester United event promotion website

From Beckham to return to Manchester United event promotion website

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at 2:30 am on May 25th, Manchester United will be at home against Juventus, held a farewell game for Gary Neville. The game aspect is the biggest star Beckham will once again put on the red shirt, it will become a football story.

this game has a very high degree of concern in football fans, so there are a lot of fans are concerned about where to see live. Since the game in the country without a live television, so only to watch the webcast. In this regard, I also tried yesterday to use multiple platforms to promote their 442 live.

in the A5 before learning to promote the knowledge of some promotion methods have some shallow understanding, but has not seriously to implement. This will also learn things to have a try, yesterday, the main attempt in the following ways:

A: Sina


442 live since its inception, has been using Sina micro-blog promotion, pre active, but also have a certain effect, but then has not insisted on down, mainly still feel that energy is not enough. Yesterday with a number of accounts in Sina micro-blog made a live broadcast of the game, including a number of micro groups, and finally let their friends know to help forward. Originally did not report too much hope, did not expect the effect is very good.

two: Baidu knows

in Baidu know promotion need to have a high level of an account, it is very easy to be titles. My Baidu account level is still OK, answered a few questions about the game where to see the issue of live, have left the url. Baidu know the answer to the questions do not need to leave the link too much every day, three or four on the same, too much hair is also easy to be punished. You can set your own key words, I set the key word "live", "video", so it is easy to find a good topic every day, greatly saving time, improve efficiency.

three: QQ ask

relative to Baidu know, QQ ask to stay links is more likely to be the title, should be reviewed after each answer. Therefore, a high-level account is necessary, often do the task, the account is also easy to upgrade. Also answered a few questions, traffic is also very impressive. In addition, in A5 yesterday also saw an article that QQ now ask Baidu search results ranking improved, after their verification, indeed, so after the promotion of QQ ask is a more important part. QQ ask to answer the question there is a good thing that QQ friends can see your answer in the QQ space, which is also a kind of invisible propaganda.

four: fans QQ group

with several QQ accounts are added a few Manchester United fans, Beckham fans, fans of the group of Gary Neville. Do not rush to send the site in the group, the first to talk to everyone else, and so the time is ripe, or where the fans can see when the broadcast again. Just came on the web site, was kicked out of the group >

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