Some observations on recent abnormal behavior of Baidu

Some observations on recent abnormal behavior of Baidu

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      in recent months to do a few experimental fields, observe the trend of Baidu, there are some findings and questions, and we hope to exchange.      

      every month 16 and No. 26 is the day of the big update of Baidu, the usual Thursday morning a little bit more, as the regular updates will be every day. Some of the recent Baidu anomalies:

      1 algorithm is more and more advanced, K station is more and more severe. Acquisition has no future. More and more friends realize that Baidu’s algorithm, leaving room for the acquisition has been very small.

      2 the threshold is getting higher and higher. I’m talking about the number of entries, from 0 to 1, and from the 1 to the more, these two thresholds. I have made a pile of keywords station, to test the endurance limit of Baidu, the results included a few days was K. Now I own only three stations, one is the industry station, hard to do,, most of the original content, key words: " qfd" in August 1st rose to the first page of Baidu went this morning to see off a bit, I also have two BLOG, Baidu is collected and observed it used to do the experiment, and the trend of home network, has not crossed from 1 to more to hom.

      3, abnormal update date. They are 16 big update, 26 small updates, this actually arrived in August 1st, this is a very strange phenomenon, it is fundamentally improved Baidu algorithm?

      4 Baidu ranking. Every morning 9-10 points to update, but found that this data is two days, rather than the latest timeliness strong, feeling the value of reference is getting lower and lower.

      others await further observation. I will report the results of the experiment for the first time.

      first episode: figure Wang webmaster nets, please note the name of the source.

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