Get six support let you easily on the micro shop

Get six support let you easily on the micro shop

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" micro-blog to change the media, WeChat to change the social, micro shop to change the network, which is not only a famous word spread on the network, has become a consensus of more and more people. Now, micro shop is on the network such as a tsunami swept, such as "micro shop network application platform, set up in fifth months, registered users has exceeded 4 million 500 thousand, and this number continues to grow fast every day. Have to say, this new micro shop available, provides a channel and opportunity for the rise of personal network.

In the face of

micro shop sweeping frenzy, someone crazy first to register, some people discover their noses to wait and see attitude. The wait is worry too much, think entrepreneurship is a very complicated thing, and lack of confidence in dealing with the micro shop management, delivery and other issues, worried that they rush into micro stores in this unfamiliar field will make you lost. But in fact, the micro shop platform also takes into account the above people are worried about the problem, and provides the appropriate support. As shown in figure (1)

1 supplier certification and audit

believes that open friends micro shop platform has been recognized by the vast majority, want to attract more suppliers in their own micro shop, in addition to providing micro shop platform, but also need to supply did not provide more convenience and preferential conditions. If the micro shop does not have its own suppliers, it means there is no supply, there is no source means can not attract more people through the micro shop business.

so, for those who want to enter the micro shop business, micro shop service center will be free to do all its cumbersome certification and audit procedures, of course, the premise is the business formalities, formal. In fact, it is precisely because there is support in this regard, after the audit and certification of micro shop sellers in order to get more consumers and fans trust and recognition.

2 product update and release

believe that many traditional shop owners have such experience, to update and publish product information every day, this is a very troublesome thing, it will make people feel a headache. However, if you do not come up with some time to update, release product information, their products are likely to be flooded in many commodities, which is extremely detrimental to product sales. In addition, update and release product information sounds simple, but want to do, improve product exposure, but also the need for skills. Especially for some of the new shop, because they do not know how to release the key words and the experience of the audit does not pass the situation is even more frequent. In order to solve this problem, micro shop platform as well as shopkeepers to good strategies and practical solutions, that is free of micro shop owner who provide products and services in order to release updates, you store the menace from the rear.

3 delivery and after-sales supervision

delivery and after-sales service, is also very important in the operation of the micro shop two links. If these two links do not reach the designated position, is not conducive to the reputation of their shops

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