How to resist the antecedents and consequences analysis of domain name hijacking risks

How to resist the antecedents and consequences analysis of domain name hijacking risks

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in the evening of January 23rd this year, hackers UGNazi invasion of luxury brands Coach website. A few hours in the domain name hijacking, who want to buy the new Gucci Willis handbags from and want to buy Penelope bag from users have been transferred to the UGNazi website. This event is really frustrating buyers.

Coach is lucky, because hackers are for political purposes rather than commercial extortion. UGNazi fancy Coach because this product is a large number of fake luxury companies to support the controversial SOPA (stop online infringement of intellectual property rights). If UGNazi wants to further threaten Coach and its customers, it may be possible to control the mail sent to or directly to the customer phishing sites. UGNazi said on its website: we do not want to steal user data, just want to be aware of the harm caused by SOPA, PIPA and ACTA to the internet."

Coach spokesman told the that domain hijacking had little impact on the company’s business. Other domain names have been hijacked companies are not necessarily so lucky. For example, in 2008, when hackers attack, will be transferred to a web site in Ukraine, and then the malware is downloaded to the CheckFree user’s computer (at the time of malicious software to steal username and password). CheckFree users are not the only vulnerable objects. Some CheckFree have cooperative relations (to provide the online payment service) small bank customers are also affected, because their website is linked to the, the security company Internet Harvey said Identity CEO Lars.

domain name hijacking is very serious it should also be a threat to sensitive information. Domain name registrar Afilias CTO Mohan Ram said that hackers have the right to view all the messages received by the company, so that the document information will be shared and cause damage.

Mohan said he knew a company name was hacked five months and the company do not know. Until the domain name hijacking completely they discovered, because hackers timid: hackers are not directing users to another site, but the user will be sent to a ready domain, but they will listen to all traffic. During this period, all the data on the company’s Web site, the mail is through a group of hackers to find a way to install the server. Mohan says the damage is very serious, because it has a very strong concealment.

domain name hijacking: growing threat

Harvey and Mohan claim that the domain name hijacking case is growing as it’s broken

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