Network virtual police patrol for half an hour to report a 20 minute reply

Network virtual police patrol for half an hour to report a 20 minute reply

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capital network 110 virtual police in September 1st after the appointment, the work of the past three days? Yesterday, the reporter found the experience, 20 minutes after the alarm, "network virtual police" timely reply.

in order to combat crime on the Internet, began in September 1st, the capital network 110 virtual police first in the city’s 13 portals related columns duty on duty". At the end of December, the police will be implemented in the virtual network website, forum.

according to reports, the network virtual police mainly for the virtual community of the police or help, the animated image of male and female police officers two, their patrols are divided into walking, riding a motorcycle and driving a police car in 3 categories. Virtual police work 24 hours, every half an hour from the bottom of the page to roll a random patrol.

reporter experience

virtual police patrol once every half hour

yesterday, the reporter login Sina, Sohu and other major portals. When reporters Click to open the website of Sohu BBS forum, after 3 minutes in the forum at the bottom, "a male officer" driving "Capital Police Patrol" to travel from the page on the right. Traveling to the middle of the page, the police said, "if you need an alarm for help, please click on us". Subsequently, the police car disappeared from the left page, the whole process lasted about 5 seconds.

half an hour later, the reporter saw the same page again in the patrol network virtual police.

police told reporters that the network of virtual police set up in the 13 major portals of the relevant channels, not all covered all sites. The time it appears on the network by the major portals to control their own, in accordance with the requirements, every half an hour from the bottom of the page to scroll randomly appear.

report after 20 minutes to get back

then, the reporter click on the network virtual police, the new open links to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau information network security alarm service website. Click on the site network alarm button, the reporter found that as long as the fill in the basic alarm and alarm contact information and other content, you can easily alarm.

in accordance with the requirements of the reporter, fill out the relevant information, a certain website has yellow, about 20 minutes or so, the network supervision of Municipal Public Security Bureau police call the reporter left by phone, said "the corresponding laws and regulations to define pornography, police verification, will give a reply as soon as possible by the handling department".

police commentary

network virtual police frequency after calculation

reporter noted that some users reflect the network police appear too short time, can not stay for some time?" To solve this problem, the Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring department police explained that if the virtual police on the web for too long, some people may be tired of feeling.

"the time and frequency of network virtual police"

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