Google launched AdWords Express advertising services for SMEs

Google launched AdWords Express advertising services for SMEs

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July 26th news, according to foreign media reports, Google today launched a small business oriented AdWords Express advertising services to help them simplify the placement of online advertising procedures.

small business owners generally do not have the time or technology to manage their web site, let alone online marketing activities.

Google said that compared to the general process of setting up AdWords services, AdWords Express more streamlined, users can set up within 5 minutes. Users only need to input some basic business information, advertising, and advertising pages you want to set the place.

AdWords Express algorithm will deal with key words, automatically find suitable for placing ads search queries. In other ways, it works in the same way as the normal AdWords, which is placed on top, side, and Google maps.

users only need to pay when the ad is clicked, advertising display frequency depends on the user’s maximum daily budget.

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