Shi Jing Jin Renqing Li Jiacheng three popular characters of Baidu billboard

Shi Jing Jin Renqing Li Jiacheng three popular characters of Baidu billboard

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      nude door pull Shi Jing before this unknown woman, she wore several inoffensiveness "title": Electrolux assistant general manager, secretary, white-collar workers in Shanghai…… To see her appearance than the year she debut scenery is much: as a result the beautiful and innocent girl like; it is advanced and the office of the "King", higher status than sister lotus.

      after the incident, Baidu keyword on the "Shi Jing" the past few days every day to maintain the "fastest rising TOP50" the first successful promotion for "ten big billboard" first, more than occupy the standings for the first months of business man Li Jiacheng, overnight. Stone Jingcheng network hot figure, the degree of concern is astounding.


      who is Jin Renqing? Former Minister of finance! The twenty-ninth session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China, the second session of the Standing Committee of the ten National People’s Congress held its first meeting of the Ministry of finance, deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center on the 30. The strange thing is, the earlier in the "Baidu ten big billboard" does not see the figure of Jin Renqing, was among the top second, and rising popularity, has more than thousands of business man Li Jiacheng, to the top Jingzhi stone bit. The following figure is 31 of the top ten list:



      a big concern for Jin Renqing is that he is the Secretary of the Treasury, just as he was before the chief of the food and drug administration, Mr Zheng Xiaoyu. These executives with people far away, they have a natural curiosity of people, their every act and every move can evoke attention, plus earlier than the Hongkong media reported that Jin Renqing because of deep sex scandal and was removed from office, a cause for speculation, although it has not been confirmed.

      three a popular figure, one with a great reputation in the business world, a government official, a white-collar foreign invested enterprises. They became a hit on the Internet, in addition to its own factors, more ordinary people "voyeurism" attention, rich Li Jiacheng exposes the ordinary people or the netizens love rich or Choufu psychology; Jin Renqing exposes people to the official or officials of demanding surveillance; and pay attention to the Shi Jing netizens exposed the constant "lewd curiosity" mentality! (commissioning editor admin01)

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