WeChat Sina micro blog battle of the new business

WeChat Sina micro blog battle of the new business

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marketing is now popular in such a sentence: before, if there is no official micro-blog account, then you OUT; now, if you do not have WeChat official account, then you are more OUT.


last week, Sina micro-blog and numerous large enterprise accounts began jiaotusanku like nesting action — open the official account on Sina micro-blog rival WeChat.

for all the awakening of the micro-blog large and business accounts, this is also a future war card divination. For Tencent, this is a test of WeChat realized war. For Sina, micro-blog, which is probably a slowly opening nightmare.


source: LBS viewing platform

new nesting campaign

if you observe carefully, you will find that, from the beginning of August, Sina micro-blog and numerous large enterprise accounts began to publish such micro-blog: our official announced WeChat account, WeChat official account that XX have the opportunity to win the XXX.

With the previous blog era and

migration of the movement of the fight at outrance, a Sina micro-blog harmony — large ones and enterprises who have played on the account in the micro-blog open WeChat account advertising, let users pay attention to the WeChat micro-blog.

"we are still trying to WeChat in this new media marketing, but certainly will not give up Sina micro-blog." Luo Linzhi finds new media promotion department director so described the strategy of WeChat.

so, this is not a migration, but more suitable for what is known as the new nest.

There are a lot of

to participate in this new nesting movement in their large media, both have been walking in front of the new media entrepreneur magazine, love fan children, mobile new discovery and so on, including the traditional media in the Hunan satellite TV, CCTV8 etc.. Corporate accounts are also many, such as focus on new media marketing Jingdong, Eslite mall and so on.

when asked why WeChat to do marketing, and all large enterprises have almost the same answer: "like the original micro-blog, we do not know what the future will be the WeChat platform, or will have much potential, but now need to seize the position, so as not to miss the opportunity."

of course, if you apply for a WeChat public platform account, you may be disappointed.

"management background is too simple, the group function is not enough, can not provide users to read the data, etc.. WeChat’s public platform is still in its early stages." A micro-blog giant who is involved in the new nesting campaign. #p#: #e#


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