The nouveau riche Ali buy buy buy to buy Sina intended to fight the Tencent Jingdong social electric

The nouveau riche Ali buy buy buy to buy Sina intended to fight the Tencent Jingdong social electric

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Abstract: Tencent and Jingdong joint force social electricity supplier, Alibaba naturally can not be left behind, if you lose the electricity supplier market, Ali’s future will not be better. According to the above thinking, Ali may be looking at hundreds of millions of users of micro-blog’s social data.


if you describe the recent actions of Alibaba with three words, that is "buy buy buy" on Friday, the Alibaba group has just announced that the company will have to board Youku potatoes issued a non binding offer, to be in accordance with the per ADS (American Depositary Receipts) 26.60 dollars, the full acquisition of Youku potatoes all the remaining company the shares, the estimated total amount of more than $4 billion 500 million.

Ali wholly acquired Youku potatoes just a message, then someone in the circle of friends ridicule – boss, someone Tucao on micro-blog." Ma Yun: "buy!" "boss, someone says bad things about us." Ma Yun: "buy!" "boss, recently the price of potatoes." Ma Yun: "buy buy buy!" – boss, is the market price of potatoes……"

less than a week’s time, the laugh in the first words a new progress, predict the U.S. financial website SeekingAlpha on investment, Alibaba may in half a year, with the same pattern and excellent soil, the remaining shares of micro-blog’s acquisition of sina, will turn it into a wholly owned subsidiary.

not only that, the site also predicted that Alibaba may even merge Sina micro-blog and its parent company sina.

acquisition sequel: Sina Youku potatoes and similar high

1 Alibaba have two shares of the company.

previously, in April 2013, Alibaba announced that to $586 million to buy Sina micro-blog’s 18% stake, becoming the largest shareholder of sina, Sina micro-blog valued at $3 billion 360 million. In addition, Sina also granted an option Alibaba, allowing Alibaba in the future in accordance with the agreed pricing, its full diluted shares in micro-blog’s share ratio increased to 30%.

at the same time, Alibaba has also invested $1 billion 200 million in May 2014 youku.

2 both companies belong to the field of Alibaba are not good at.

group is a Alibaba to e-commerce started, but with the development of the company, the business has gradually extended to the local life services, mobile payment, pictures, cloud computing and other fields.

and Baidu Tencent, before the acquisition of Youku potatoes group, Alibaba in the online video industry does not have any achievements, after the completion of the acquisition, the Alibaba can make up the blank in this field, but also more convenient for Alibaba to compete with Baidu in the field of online video Tencent.

and the social field is a knot of Alibaba, many wading.

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