2008 Shanghai nternet grassroots conference has invited guests list

2008 Shanghai nternet grassroots conference has invited guests list

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by the end of December 24, 2007, the organizing committee has the following grassroots oriented guest telephone invitation issued notice, and all participants have been confirmed! Guest by Wang Chenyun (SWP honorary president) invite more guests are invited.

will be invited guests on the grassroots grassroots culture, as well as a hot topic of the development trend of the Internet, the website profit model, website promotion and other grassroots concern do in-depth analysis and discussion, to listen to the guest operating experience in the Internet, mining grassroots website business model, on 2008 how to profit. Participants will have the opportunity to host the dialogue with the guests.

guest list (ranking):

invited guests: Wang Chenyun (because the conference mainly aims at the grassroots, Shanghai and East China so the guest mainly based in Shanghai, we are ready to invite guests to other provinces, together for the "2008 Shanghai Internet grassroots conference" Tim color.


Wang Zhidong (click on the general manager Yang Weiqing (Ai Rui

! Founder) Wang Jian Shuo (general manager Guan Guoguang Kijiji (

(General Manager) Li Zhongwei Pchome (founder)

2008 Shanghai Internet grassroots conference time: January 12, 2008

2008 Shanghai Internet grassroots organizing committee

December 24, 2007 release

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