Go to the market in front of a wall around it is impassable

Go to the market in front of a wall around it is impassable

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when you’re carrying bag walking in the road rush to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival, suddenly found in front of a wall in front of me, what would you do? The normal practice is to bypass it. Now in ganji.com is bypassed, or skip condition.

58 city and Ganji has been placed in the industry compared with the love object, since the 58 city successfully logged NYSE, the industry focus on ganji.com more positive. A few days ago, between 58 and market and the fierce mouth frame, both sides moved out of their favorable data to prove that he is the strongest, in fact, this comparison not only convince onlookers, even they themselves are not sure.

from publicly available Baidu index and Alexa data, the market is indeed to a backward 58, but from the perspective of public relations, the market will not relent admit themselves, just as a man who never said you can’t just go to the market with 58 between zuizhang must adhere to and will continue.

also challenge the PR, lively also seen after this, we must further look at the problem, there are similarities between the market and the 58 city, but the market has also started the development of personality on the basis of the common.

58 city successfully listed, the industry began to focus on the market if there is financial pressure, Yang Haoyong said the market completed a $90 million financing at the end of last year, now there is no financial pressure. At the end of last year to $90 million financing, capital market in a short period of time will be quite sufficient, according to the market this year, the amount of advertising, TV advertising is about 80 million, online delivery of about 130 million, annual advertising into almost more than 200 million, according to the speed of money by the end of next year, the market is not yet listed will encounter financial difficulties.


Hao Yang Chung now called no financial pressure, do not rush to market, but the pressure from investors as can be imagined. The market publicity has been profitable, the profit is not achieved through financial means, or the real deal have the ability of revenue. Ganji in the flow is less than 58 of advertising spending was higher than 58 on the basis of profit, the profitability is questionable


said the profit on this issue will have to go to the market with 58 to say differences in the business structure of the 58 city, is both direct and channel, and ganji.com mainly depends on the channel. 58 city has 27 branches in the country, only 4 ganji.com. Because the company is little, this can save a lot of labor costs, the market may therefore achieve profitability.

here also have to talk about the issue of direct marketing and channels. Light weight channels by way of direct market has its advantages and disadvantages, favorable place is can save labor costs, there are disadvantages where channels may be unstable. Whether it is direct or channels, have to pay a fee to the front-line staff, go to the market through cost savings in this place, it is easy to cause the contradiction between the channels and the.

in addition to channel

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